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Q.: What are your hours? When can I see the puppies? 

   A.: We are open by appointment only. We live on a farm and I am self employed so I am VERY flexible. Just give me a call. Gena (920) 296-2809. Or send a message!

Q.: Do the puppies have vaccinations and dewormer?

     A.: Yes. The puppies have age appropriate vaccinations and dewormer.

Q.: What does litter training mean?

   A.: The puppies are trained to go in a TRAY not a box. The trays are 24"w x 36"l x 2"h. The trays have a layer of litter. They are cleaned out twice daily. This helps with keeping the puppies out of cold weather and rain. This also helps by training them to go in a certain area and is similar to the feeling of dirt outside. Puppy pads would be used but with a litter of puppies they become more of a play toy!

Q.: How long have you been breeding dogs?

   A.: I have personally been breeding Miniature Dachshunds since 2006. I started working with other state licensed breeders puppies (between my litters) in 2016.

Q.: What is the best food to feed my puppy?

   A.: You will get a small bag of food that your puppy is currently eating. You can switch to another brand if you so choose by slowly introducing the new food. When picking puppy food we recommend one with at least 30% protein and 20% fat. Puppies should have puppy food for the first year. After that you can switch to adult food with a minimum of 27% protein and 17% fat.

Q.: When is the rabies vaccination due?

   A.: In the state of Wisconsin, rabies vaccinations are mandatory before 5 months of age. Our vet recommends that you wait until the puppy is 12 weeks of age before getting the rabies vaccination. The second rabies vaccination is then due one year later and then every three years after that.

Q.: When do I get my puppy spayed or neutered?

   A:. This can be a question for your vet as there are conflicting answers but we recommend puppies get spayed and neutered at 5 to 6 months of age. Females can go into heat at 6 months. Males can breed at 9 months. We recommend Wisconsin Community Veterinarian Center in Madison if you do not want to use your vet. Their contact info is (608) 224-1400.

Q.: Are you a puppy mill?

   A.: Although, sadly, there are puppy mills in existence, we are not one. We are state licensed (#469044) and are subject to all of the mandatory regulations set forth by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture and Consumer Trade. This means we have solid flooring, large heated kennels, clean areas, daily care, routine vet exams, dental exams, monthly nail trimming, a bathing/grooming routine, socialization, toys, treats and chew sticks, and we are subject to scheduled and unscheduled inspections. We also have heated epoxy floors that are wiped down daily to further pamper our pooches! You can see pictures on our Facebook page. Tours by appointment. 

Q.: Are the parents on-site?

   A.: We only breed Miniature Dachshunds (Facebook page DejaVu Doxies), three litters of Teddy Bears each year, one litter of Pugs each year, and one litter of Bernese Mountain Dogs each year. All of the other puppies come to us at 8 weeks of age so for the most part the parents are not on-site.

Q.: Can I bathe my puppy? And if so what shampoo do I use?

   A.: Puppies can have baths but limit them as to not dry out their skin. Use a puppy shampoo or we also recommend using a conditioner for long haired breeds. 

Q.: How often do I need to take my long haired breed to a groomer?

   A.: You can brush your puppy/dog weekly. If you prefer a cut by a groomer, most breeds need to be trimmed about every 6 weeks. A "Potty cut" (trimming of the hair on the back end) is helpful to keep your puppy/dog clean.

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